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Welcome to Institute of Accountancy Main Library. Our Library can accommodate about 800 readers at a time inclusive of 10 carrels for quiet and intensive reading.  In terms of collection, the Library has got up-to-date learning materials which have been organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System with class numbers ranging from 000.000 generalities to 999.999 Fiction. Majority of these materials are found in the general collection and master’s collection, located on the Ground and First Floor. Books in this area can be borrowed for use outside the Library. Other books are found in the Special Reserve and reference section located in the first floor of the Library. These books can also be borrowed but for use within the Library. Limiting usage of the Special Reserve books within the Library is aimed at enabling our readers to get access to books of their choice at any time. That is why usage of the said books is limited to 2 hours so that others readers who may need the same books can access them.  Other publications located in the first floor of the Library include students and staff research reports, theses and dissertations, past NBAA examination papers ,and Periodicals/serials i.e. journals, newsletters, magazines, bulletins, reports, prospectuses and other reference materials. 
The Library has also got about 49 computers for use by readers in searching internet resources. Bibliographic information of books can be accessed through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through te use of Koha library management system.  The Library has also subscribed to a number of electronic Journals from different publishers which can be accessed with and outside the library.  For any assistance you may need, please get in touch with any librarian on duty. It is the library goal to keep on improving library services to enable readers to achieve their learning, research and other academic needs at the Institute.
You are warmly welcome.
Published on 29/10/2014 00:00

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